Sworn-Again America is a project to revitalize citizenship.

Let’s reconsider what it means to be an American. Reimagine what we can do to make an unum out of the pluribus, and then, in ceremonies at dinner tables, block parties, or town square, with five or five thousand, take the oath to become a Sworn-Again American!

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When naturalizing immigrants become American citizens, they learn the history and the civic scripture of our nation. They take a test. They come together to take an oath. We got to thinking: What would it look like for all of us to take an oath? For citizens of long standing and Americans new and old to renew our civic vows? To become Sworn-Again?

Let’s spark a movement that will inspire Americans to become more engaged in civic life, more connected to people from all walks of life, more grateful for the opportunities and freedoms that come with citizenship, and more willing to take on the responsibilities of citizenship.



Create your own ceremony

Down-load the ceremony Toolkit.
This kit includes a template of “civic scripture,” to give you ideas. You can add your own elements of song, story and play! Ceremonies can be large or small, public or private. We’re here to  help — and can come to your town! 


Take the oath online

You can take the oath to become a Sworn-Again American, right here, right now.


Share it with others!

Share the story of your ceremony with your community and online by posting photos, videos, and testimonials on social networking sites. Use #swornagainamerica to tag your posts.


I pledge to be an active American
to show up for others
to govern my self
to help govern my community
I recommit myself to my country’s creed
to cherish liberty
as a responsibility

I pledge to serve
and to push my country:
when right, to be kept right;
when wrong, to be set right
Wherever my ancestors and I were born,
I claim America
and I pledge to live like a citizen

Join Us!

For more information email us.

Sworn-Again America is a project of Citizen University. This project is made possible, in part, by Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Let’s make millions of Sworn-Again Americans! Pass it on!

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